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We work to get clear, concise, quality advertising on air in the shortest possible time with the maximum of ease.





Why Clear your Ad?

Here at ClearAds, we are across the TV Code that television ads must adhere to. These ads need to be classified before they go to air in Australia to ensure they are compliant and reach the desired target audience – ClearAds provides this service.

As part of this Code, all television commercials, infomercials and Community Service Announcements must be classified before they can be broadcast.



How Ad Clearance works

There are 3 main steps involved in this clearance process:



ClearAds can provide you with custom training services to assist you with planning your ad as part of your creative development process. Simply contact us and let us know what type of training you need. We can provide training on all areas of advertising, including more complex advertisements such as Gambling, Political and Therapeutic Goods.

ClearAds also offer a Pre-Check service for your scripts and off lines. This provides you with the likely classification and any regulatory concerns of your ad prior to production or full submission. Apply for a pre-check on Oasis.

pre production


Submit your advertisement for classification via Oasis and ClearAds will make sure it follows the rules and regulations of free-to-air television.



post production


Once approved, we will assign your ad with a unique ClearAds number. You will be notified of the ClearAds number via Oasis (our online application system), by email, and you can even request to receive the ClearAds number via SMS.



prior to air


Our Services

We know you're working to tight deadlines and we do our best to help you meet them. We offer a range of priority services in addition to our standard service to make sure you're covered.
Standard service 2 working days

calendarWe also offer After hours, Weekend and Public Holiday services – Contact us for more information.


priorityPriority Service*
24-hour turnaround
2x Unit Price^
red hotRed-Hot Service*
3-hour turnaround
4x Unit Price^
Rush Hour
for ads submitted between 2pm and 4pm
5x Unit Price^
rush hour1 Hour Express Service*
1-hour turnaround
8x Unit Price^
final callFinal Call service
for ads submitted between 4pm and 5.30pm
10x Unit Price^

*See Terms and Conditions for applicable submission times and requirements

^Unit Prices can be found in the Fees section

Who we are

Led by the Director of Commercial Operations, Alison Lee, the ClearAds team come from diverse backgrounds and industries including media, education and fine arts. 

United by a love of communication and desire to make advertising approvals simple and transparent, the ClearAds team work hard to provide a consistently high level of service.

Meet our team





Advertising rules and codes can be complex, particularly when you're trying to come up with a creative idea for your ad.

ClearAds training provides you with simple and easy to understand resources and webinars, live and on demand, to help you navigate and work with these rules.

ClearAds can also provide you and your team with bespoke training sessions at your office, via live webinar or at our office on a range of topics including Classification, Australian Consumer Law, Gambling, Political, Therapeutic and Alcohol advertising. Contact us to arrange a training session that is tailored to you.

ClearAds is proudly
part of FreeTV

ClearAds (formerly Commercials Advice) is proudly part of Free TV Australia, a leading media industry organisation which represents all of Australia's commercial free-to-air television licensees.

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