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Alison has been the Director of Commercials Advice (now ClearAds) since 2016. Prior to that, she held the positions of Head of Legal and Legal Counsel since joining Free TV in 2009.

Alison holds degrees in both commerce and law and her previous experience includes working in private practice and over 8 years working in the finance industry for a global investment manager, funds management company and a top 4 Australian bank where she held legal and compliance positions. In these roles, Alison worked extensively with marketing, business development and funds management teams providing compliance, commercial and corporate legal advice.

Alison enjoys a good karaoke battle and spends most weekends cheering (yelling) at her kids' sporting events.

Before arriving at ClearAds, Yvonne worked as a solicitor in Sydney laws firms on litigation, property and commercial matters and as an in-house lawyer at a Hong Kong newspaper on defamation, advertising law and commercial matters. Yvonne has a passion for law and languages and holds a Master of Arts in Legal Translation.

Yvonne enjoys barre, dance and yoga. One of her favourite dance classes is ‘Jungle Body’ where she immerses herself in the lively music and quick body movements.

Clare has worked in the television industry since 2008, mostly in network traffic departments. After so many years placing TVCs, Clare moved into TVC compliance and has been with ClearAds since February 2017.

Clare's main interests are history and travel and she tries to combine the two as much as possible!

Maddie originates from Poland and moved to Australia in 2013. Initially working within the hospitality industry when she arrived in Australia, Maddie's interest in media from her Drama and Theatre studies eventually led her to ClearAds.

Maddie commenced her career at ClearAds in Administration and was promoted to the role of Classifier, then Senior Classifier and is now a Supervisor. Maddie speaks two languages and loves anything to do with performing arts.

Sam has been with ClearAds since September 2016 and holds a degree in Fine Arts and Web Development, with an IT background in compliance.

Interestingly, Sam was the youngest chairperson of a community radio station in Australia back in the early 2000's!

Before arriving at ClearAds, Rosie held office management and training and development roles across a wide variety of industries including freight, logistics, international animal transport and the Equestrian industry. Rosie has a real passion for process improvement and is always wanting to make things better and more efficient!

Rosie is also an Equestrian Australia qualified Horse Riding Instructor.

Michael has been classifying your TVCs since February 2018 and made the pilgrimage from the wilderlands of New Zealand Radio Promotions after initially journeying to New Zealand from the concreted lands of Australian Radio Promotions and Traffic. Michael's avid interest in all things media led him to ClearAds and away from the reverberating crackle of the on-air microphone.

Michael has broken 8 bones in his body to date so a desk job to him seems like an ideal (and safe) place to be!


Melanie enjoys long walks on the beach.


Ellyn is from the small beach town of Yamba and has had a variety of jobs prior to FreeTV. She previously worked with YouTube, Sydney Aquarium and Crossover Dance Studio.

She is a Dancer at heart and has been helping stage manage shows for a local studio, Crossover Dance since 2010. Ellyn was also on the Australian National Taido team for the 2017 World Championships.

Ashlee is a born and bred beach girl who uses words like 'gnarly' and 'pumping'. She received her BA/History and Business and has had an extensive career working in administration both in the electrical and medical fields.

Despite her career, Ashlee regards her greatest achievement to date as the time she made the front page in her local paper: "I won a local baking competition; made a lemon meringue".