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ClearAds Handbook

The ClearAds Handbook is a useful guide for agencies, advertisers and production houses. It sets out all you need to know about advertising on television and information on submitting your ads to ClearAds for review, substantiation requirements and an A-Z Checklist of what you need to consider when creating your ad. Download a copy here



Code of Practice

The Commercial Television Industry Code of Practice (Code) is a set of rules that applies to all commercial television broadcasting services operated by broadcasters. The Code is intended to regulate the broadcast content of commercial free-to-air television according to current community standards and to assist viewers in making informed choices about television viewing. All television ads must be classfied before before they are aired and ClearAds provides this service. A copy of the Code is available here


ClearAds maintains different fee structures for classification of television commercials.

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Advertising rules and codes can be complex, particularly when you're trying to come up with a creative idea for your ad.

ClearAds training provides you with simple and easy to understand resources and webinars, live and on demand, to help you navigate and work with these rules.


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30 July 2019 12pm – 1pm AEST

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Want to know what the letters and numbers in a unique ClearAds approval number means or how many characters make up a Key Number?

Find this information and much more in our helpful FAQ section available here